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UL Certification for Epson ColorWorks printers

What is UL Spec 969 for durable labels?

UL is an independent product safety testing and certification organization that has been testing products and writing standards for more than a century, making it one of the most recognized conformity assessment providers in the world. UL works with adhesive and label suppliers to test and certify marking and labeling systems and materials—specifically ink and substrate combinations—to ensure imperative safety information such as hazards, warnings, cautions, installation instructions, product classifications and electrical ratings, remains permanently affixed to the durable product.

UL Certified Label Stocks for Epson ColorWorks Printers;

  • ULDC, Matte White Polyester with permanent adhesive. Spec Sheet
  • ULDC-W/Lam, Matte White Polyester with permanent adhesive and a clear lamination. Spec Sheet

On ULDC-W/Lam, the lamination is applied after the base label has been printed and applied the lamination adds additional fade resistance and durability to the underlying print.

UL File #: MH20904.PGJIT

Additional conditions on UL 969 certification:

  • Variable data must be printed using an Epson ColorWorks printer that is using the DURAbright family of inks.
  • UL Certified, Indoor exposure, all four ink colors are certified Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black.
  • UL Certified, Outdoor exposure, Cyan and Black are the only approved colors. 

 To Find out More about ul standards go to UL.com Standards

To Find out if your label converter is UL Registered.

Listing of Epson Printers and UL Certified ink Cartridges:

Printer Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Epson C3400 SJIC15P3 N/A
Epson C3500 SJIC22P (C) SJIC22P (M) SJIC22P (Y) SJIC22P (K)
Epson C831 SJIC5 (C) SJIC5 (M) SJIC5 (Y) SJIC5 (K)
Epson C7500 SJIC26P (C) SJIC26P (M) SJIC26P (Y) SJIC26P (K)
Epson C7500G This printer model uses a special gloss ink that is not UL certified.