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Datamax P1115


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Datamax P1115: is thermal transfer printer of the Performance Series. This is a new series of printers that has been designed to make the use of a thermal transfer printer quite simple. Datamax Performance printers are the easiest to use, to load, and to integrate of any other thermal transfer printers available. They offer auto-load options, user-friendly touchscreens, great print registration, and maintain exceptional print quality.

Quick Overview


  • Near-edged printhead allows printing on labels, wrap-arounds tree tags and thin/thick potstakes.

  • Present Sensor allows subsequent printing to occur only after the removal of the previous label.

  • External Rewinder will rewind your labels as they are printed, producing continuous rolls of your labels.

  • Great, clear resolution printing 300dpi.

  • Prints up to 4.16 inches wide


More Details

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