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Environmental Impact: Who to Trust?

Today more than ever our carbon footprint as a global community is of increasing concern. From record breaking temperatures and droughts to shrinking polar ice caps, the signs of global warming are all around us. We at WestHort take pride in our commitment to Earth friendly products.
We believe that many plastics companies too readily believe that all plastics are created equally, while many environmental fanatics are quick to state that all plastics are bad for the environment. Our belief falls somewhere in the middle. WestHort products are easily recyclable and do not contain any hazardous chemicals, making them environmentally friendly, and better for the health of your growing business overall.



A WestHort exclusive, our premium wrap-around tags are polypropylene derived plastics that curb side recyclable and degradable in a landfill.


Compostable EnviroStake®

A WestHort exclusive, our stiff stake tag, designed for pot stake application, is made from a polypropylene derived plastic that is curb-side recyclable and degradable in a landfill that has been engineered to last 18 months in an outdoor nursery setting



A WestHort exclusive, our superior tags, designed for pot stake application, are a high gloss polyester derived plastic that is curb-side recyclable and engineered to last up to five years in the outdoor nursery setting.