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Epson GP-C831

Epson GP-C831

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The Epson GP-C831-This is a cutting-edge color printer that uses tractor-feed material and can print on thick potstakes and signs. It will improve the design of your labels with the vibrant hues it produces.

Quick Overview


  • Uses waterproof and fade resistant color inks
  • Can print material up to 9" x 22", with a printable width of 8"
  • Produces clear colorful product with a resolution of 720 DPI
  • Prints on materials up to 20 mil. thick
  • Has print speeds up to 16.5 pages per minute
  • Uses individual CMYK pigmented ink cartridges for efficient use
  • Epson Extended Care Warranty available with purchase
  • Media Specifications
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C831 Brochure