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Labeling in Flower World

Flower World

In the plant industry and more specifically nursery’s you need to be able to print labels so that your customers will know what type of plant they are buying! There are various types of labels for every possible plant you have. There are wrap arounds which go around trees and large bushes, pot stakes which get stuck into the soil of a small potted plant, and basket tags that are meant to be put onto hanging basket plants. All of these labels are important for your customer to know all the information about the plant they buy as well as how much they will need to pay for the plant!

Flower World is a nursery in Snohomish Washington that serves the public community. They sell all kinds of flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables. They also have various different services that they offer to make it a good time for the whole family, they have a small trail to walk around and look at all sorts of plants and fountains, as well as a small zoo for kids to look at some animals as well as peacocks! When you are done shopping for your plants they also sell some wine and cider that they make themselves! As far as their labeling needs go, they make their own wrap around tags in the back of the nursery. The tags are used for hanging baskets, trees and shrubs, as well as standard potted plants. The extent of their labeling is simply the name of the plant and the price of the plant.


Flower World has been buying wrap around tags and pot stakes from WestHort for a while now and they have had some issues here and there but we have always been able to provide the solution to their problem. For example, they were using a type of tree wrap that was used to identify the different types of trees while they grew and matured before they put them out for sale, what was happening was that they were fading in the sun and the ink wasn’t holding up well. We suggested that they try our different line of wrap arounds that are a different compound and provide better durability. They have been using them for a while now and when we went out to check on them in person the owner was very happy with the tags, and they looked wonderful!


WestHort has a vast inventory of nursery products, and tags for any application. Before you buy a nursery tag there are a few key things to consider.


-          Type of plant or application (potted plant, hanging plant, tree, large bush etc.)


-          Weather conditions (outdoor, indoor, temperature etc.)


-          What the tag will be exposed to (water, moisture, condensation, people touching the tag, etc.)


-          What type of printing will be done on the tag (pre-printed, thermal transfer, inkjet)


After you have figured out what sorts of conditions the tag will be in and exposed to then you can make your decision of what style, and material tag you wish to purchase from us. WestHort has every type of tag for every condition that you could throw at it! Take a look at our website for our full lineup of tags, or give us a call anytime to speak with a representative!

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