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Labeling the Food Industry at Pro-Sports Club



Full Color Food Product Labels


In the pre-packaged food industry, an appealing label is essential to selling your product. The key components are, vibrant colors, sharp lines, an appealing name, and of course a good product. These types of labels are used once as a form of telling the consumer what they are buying, but in some cases they are used to seal the package, so they need to be durable, as well as aesthetically appealing.

Companies that sell pre-packaged food have various types of containers for their products that also have to withstand different temperatures, such as a pre-packaged chicken, or a pre-packaged salad. These sorts of companies prefer a label that is colorful, heat and cold resistant, and that is able to be torn to open their product.



The Pro Sports Club in Bellevue Washington is a health club that is designed to cater to every possible need of its members, their goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle and provide as much support as possible to its members as to get them on track in this healthy lifestyle. The club provides a top of the line workout facility including basketball and tennis courts, a pool room, a full sized track, as well as a fully stocked weight room. In addition to workout facilities, they have doctors and physicians working full time in their facility that cater to any form of athletic issue one of their members may have, as well as full time nutritionists. On top of all that the club has its own in house café that provides healthy nutritious foods to its members. All of the food they sell is either made to order or pre-packaged and sold the same day it is made as to ensure quality and freshness. It is in these pre-packaged food products that Stafford Press had the solution to their problem.


In early 2018 Pro Sports purchased an Epson C7500 printer from us. The reasons why they chose this printer are;


-          Its ability to produce high quality labels


-          The speed that it can produce the labels providing high volumes of labels in a short amount of time.


Initially we were selling them a pressure sensitive matte poly label as it is durable and high quality. Later we got a call from them saying that they needed a different material. Apparently the owner of the club got one of their pre-packaged salads and claimed he could not tear the label to open the salad and that it just simply would not be good to continue using that material. This was the first of their issues. Pro Sports club was also experiencing issues with aligning their labels in the printer and were getting crooked prints.  Here at Stafford Press we figured to offer the best consumer support we should go talk to them and take a look at their printer in person.


Two members of our team went over to see for ourselves the labels they were making and take a look at them in action to see what sorts of conditions their current labels were in so that we could make an educated decision as to what material would work best for them since they needed something other than the pressure sensitive matte poly label.



Pressure Sensitive Matte Poly Label


To figure out what was the best label for them to use we needed to evaluate:


-          Temperature that the products are stored at as hot and cold can affect the label


-          Moisture or condensation, if there is condensation on the label it can deteriorate the paper label causing it to prematurely tear.




When you are making this decision the most important factors are the temperature of the environment, in this case they are held in open front refrigerators that allow the customer to grab off the shelf what they want. The open refrigerator also means that there is no condensation exposed to the label. We then concluded that a pressure sensitive matte paper label would be the best for them. Here at Stafford Press Inc. we are able to manufacture their custom sizes and style of label that they can then use their printer to add their unique design to.

The next thing we needed to look over while we were there was their printer. Pro Sports Club was saying that they were having trouble aligning their labels in the printer. This difficulty produced labels that were crooked and not usable. We took a look at their printer for ourselves and asked them to show us how they were putting their labels in. We found that they didn’t know to lift up the guide rails and were trying to snake the label into a very small gap and were not able to adjust them properly thus producing their crooked labels.

Guide rails of the Epson C7500 in closed position


To fix this problem they simply had to lift the rails and then slide their material in. After this you simply push the button on the outer rail and slide it in or out depending on the width of the material you are using.

Guide rails of the Epson C7500 in open position

Steps to aligning your material;

-          Lift the guide rails

-          Feed the material in between the rails

-          Adjust the width of the rails by pushing the button on the outer rail. Be sure to have it as close to the material as possible without it being too tight as it could cause it to bind.

-          Lower the guide rails into the closed position


After showing the employees at Pro Sports Club this they were able to print their labels efficiently and with the highest quality. Our overall solution to their problem was to use the pressure sensitive matte paper label that we manufacture ourselves to any custom specifications. This label is durable, and the best option for the prepackaged food industry. After we found this to be the best we helped them solve their printer issues and now they are up and running at maximum efficiency and quality.

If you are experiencing the same issues or have any questions about our labels be sure to contact us as we would be more than happy to answer any questions and provide to you any label you are looking for.


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