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The New Generation 2 Envirostake is here!

               The latest technology in pot stake manufacturing is finally here! Generation 2 Envirostake has been in the works for about two years, every aspect of this material has been tested to be the best. Some of the perks of this new material is that it is thicker, coming in at 20mm it is the strongest standing stake around! This wasn't some quick new product to keep the customer happy, this was trial tested to be the best in all conditions. This new material can withstand cold temperatures better than anything you've ever seen, it stands tall and strong in freezing temperature and does not fall over. For our friends down in the tropics this potstake retains rigidity in hot and humid environments as well! When it comes time to take the stake out of the pot, these Gen 2 Envirostakes are curbside recyclable meaning that you can toss it in any recycle bin for disposal. This material is completely free of carcinogens whereas many pot stakes you've had in the past contained benzene, making this a much more user and environmentally friendly pot stake! These new stakes print beautifuly giving you the clarity you've always wanted as well as sharp lines and its all on fade resistant material. These stakes are meant to take anything you throw at them, the heat of the outdoors, and the freezing temperatures they might encounter, they are engineered to withstand anything you can throw at it for at least two years! If you would still prefer the Generation 1 EnviroStake don't worry, we are still carrying our full lineup of Generation 1! 

              Keep in mind there are benefits to both generations of the envirostake. Generation one is more maliable and can offer better print quality as it can flex easily in the printer, but generation two is much stronger and will last longer in the plant and outside exposed to the elements. Generation one is biodegradable while generation two is curbside recyclable.